September 14 – 18

Congratulations to all our students and parents for finishing an amazing first week of school. We hope all our new families are feeling more comfortable with the new routines at Parkview.  We assure you it will only get easier!  This week there are a few important messages parents and students need to know in order to help us maintain a safer environment for learning.

Morning Drop Off in the Bus Loop
Many of our students that do not live within walking distance of our school are bussed each morning and afternoon.  Those students that live closer are always encouraged to walk or ride a bike.  If you choose to drive your child, please be aware of the following rules:

  • The bus loop is ONE lane, no passing permitted
  • Pull your car as far forward as possible before unloading students
  • Students are only permitted to exit from the right side (passenger side) of the car
  • Drivers MUST NOT leave their car unattended
  • No parking in the bus loop at any time
  • Once you drop off your child, please follow the flow of cars and do not sit to watch
  • Obey teachers on duty, they are only there to help you and your children

We understand that parents are in a rush in the morning, but safety is our first priority. If you don’t have time to wait in the loop, drop your child off on the side streets so they can walk. However, DO NOT drop them off on the road in front of the school where they need to cross traffic.  It is very dangerous as it is a low visibility spot for oncoming traffic. Let’s work together to keep our children safe.

End of day Pick up
Regardless if your child takes the bus or is picked up by parents or caregivers, it is critical that you are on time to meet them.  If a primary student is not met by a designated adult at the bus stop they will not be released and will return to the school after all the other student have been dropped off.  Parents will then be called to come to the school.  This situation can be very traumatizing for young children and we urge parents to be there on time.  This applies to students who are met at school, and if you are late, children can often feel anxious or worried.  Also, your teacher’s day ends at 3:00pm and the supervision in the school becomes very limited.

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Monday September 14

Tuesday September 15

  • Grade 6 & 7 Boys volleyball tryouts (3:15 to 5:00)

Wednesday September 16

  • Grade 8 Boys volleyball tryouts (3:15 to 5:00)

Thursday September 17

Friday September 18

  • Parkview Colour House Run – all grades (1:20-3:00)

Next Week: Monday September 21 Day 5