September 21-25

Bus Loop
Thank you to all parents and students for making the bus loop a safer place to drop off in the morning by following the school rules for the bus loop.  Please remember there is no parking or stopping on the street directly in front of the school.  It creates a very congested traffic situation and the safety of our students becomes compromised.

Family Members at the School
We are always happy to see family members at the school. However, instruction time is very valuable and we strive to preserve it as much as possible for our students.  If you need to withdraw your child from class, please give your child’s teacher advanced notice by sending a note to school or by leaving a message at our office.  When you arrive at the school make sure you sign in at the office and sign out for both your child and yourself when you leave.
When you need to pick up your child, please wait at the office and the staff will call for the student. Please avoid walking down the halls as it may be disruptive during instructional time and it also helps our staff identify visitors and keep strangers out of the building.

Monday September 21

  • International Languages Program open for registration.  Visit your school site of choice to register during school hours.
  • PINK office index cards need to be returned to the school with a signature to verify the content. Please make the necessary changes if information is incorrect and return it to school.

Tuesday September 22

  • First school council meeting: all parents and guardians are welcome.
  • 7pm -8:30pm

Wednesday September 23


Thursday September 24

Friday September 25

  • Parkview Pride Assembly.
  • Kindergarten to Gr.3 8:40am
  • Gr.3/4 to Gr. 8 10:40pm

Next Week: Monday September 28

  • Day 0 (no school for students)

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