February 29 – March 4

What happens when busses are cancelled?
School bus service may be cancelled from time to time due to inclement weather and/or poor road conditions. In these cases, parents and students should develop alternate care/transportation arrangements.
In most cases schools remain open and receive students as usual.  However, when busses are cancelled they are cancelled for both trips to and from school.  If you choose to drive your child to school, you will be responsible for picking him/hunnameder up at the end of the day 3:00pm.
How will you know if busses are cancelled?
Every York Region school will have a prerecorded telephone message notify parents of the cancellation.  Also listen to the radio for cancelation notices.

Please visit http://www.schoolbuscity.com/ for more information.

Primary Floor HockeyHockey-IceSkate-icon
Primary Floor Hockey has come to an end for this year (Friday February 26th) in order that the Junior Division have time to set up and prepare for their upcoming concert! Many children in the Primary division took part in Floor Hockey this year. It was a great success due largely in part to the help of the Intermediate Athletic Cabinet. We have played twice a week at lunch since mid January and enjoyed every outing. Thank you to Mr. H and to all the students who took part.

Gratefully yours, Ms. Chong

Concert Band
Concert Band rehearses every Day 5 at lunch recess for any interested grade 7/8 students.

The Week at a Glance

Monday February 29:

  • No scheduled events.

Tuesday March 01:

  • No scheduled events.

Wednesday March 02:

  • Grade 3 Fire Safety Visit

Thursday March 03:

  • No scheduled events.

Friday March 04:

  • Hot Lunch|Pizza Day
  • Primary Skating at Crosby Arena (Mullett, Kruchak, O’Yazdi)

Next Week: Monday March 07:

  • Milne Outdoor Education Centre Trip