Hurray March Break!

Dear Parkview Families,

This month has been a busy time full of learning for both our staff and students here at Parkview.  Among the many amazing things that our students have been engaged in, Robotics and the Junior Concert has taken centre stage.  It is easy to focus on the obvious success that both groups of students have displayed and celebrate the end product of both endeavours, however we invite you to understand the journey that our staff and students embarked on to reach their end goal.

Robotics was something brand new to Parkview and foreign to many teachers, but we acknowledged the need to provide extra curricular activates that were new, different and met the interests of all students.  The show of interest was greater than we had anticipated but with the help of school council we were able to purchase enough robotic kits to support our first group of students.  As with all extra curricular activities they are voluntary and dependent on the willingness of staff to take them on but we were very fortunate that dedicated teachers, one student teacher and a passionate parent gave their time to support the growth of our very first team.   Both the staff and students struggled as the start was quite bumpy, but with dedication and perseverance, all two teams continued to move forward.  Lots of brainstorming and problem solving was at the heart of each lunch time practice and the growth mindset of both the adults and students was
incredible to see.  Yes, the result was more than we had anticipated and is definitely something worth celebrating, but we encourage you to see that that the real triumph is not just the trophy that our intermediate team brought home, but the courage and growth that both teams experienced as they took a chance with something new and different.

While the robotics team was busy designing, our entire junior division was engaged in practicing for our junior concert. The most amazing element of last night’s performance was seeing the music, dance, drama and visual arts curriculum come alive and witnessing the teamwork and collaboration that enabled such a seamless joining of individual classwork.  Last night was also evidence that every teacher is a teacher of of the arts!  Our children are in good hands, they are cared for by teachers who are willing to learn, take chances and grow alongside their students.

At Parkview we value instructional practice that is innovative, engaging and meet the needs of the 21st learner.  This means that all teachers differentiate for special education and English language learners as well as engage students in mathematics, language, humanities, science and the arts.  We are so proud of evenings like last night but we are even more proud of the lessons and conversations with students that spark questioning and curiosity.

On that note we would like to thank all the teachers of Parkview for their dedication to improving their instructional program to support the learning of our students and to the many parents and family members that share our passion for achievement and well-being.  After all you cannot have any substantial and positive growth without change.

We wish you a wonderful March break with family and friends.
The next Pulse will be published on Sunday March 20th.


Ms. Dilworth and Ms. Lam