September 12th

Welcome! The word that most represents my feeling and the feelings of all new students to Parkview. It is awesome to come to a new school and be accepted with open arms.  Students, parents, and staff made the first week at Parkview wonderful.

Students met their teachers and started learning routines for this year.  School expectations were reviewed so we have a very successful year.  Health and Safety is a main focus for September as we will be practicing fire drills, a lockdown, and how to treat everyone respectfully.

Differentiated instruction has a dramatic impact on student achievement.  Knowledge of students’ interest, learning styles, and readiness is essential. No matter the grade a student is in, teachers learn where students are in their learning move each student forward.

The Importance of 5 minutes

One of our goals is for each class/student to start instruction as close to 8:30 am as possible.  In order for this to be successful, we need to have students at school by this time.  If students miss 5 minutes of instruction each day because of late arrivals that adds up to 900 minutes of instructional time in a year or 15 hours of class time.  5 minutes can make a difference.  Students are welcome to come to school to play at 8:15 am when adult supervision begins.  For safety reasons, please do not drop off or send your children to school prior to 8:15 am.

Please help to ensure that students are at school by 8:30 am.  Thanks for your support.


This Week at a Glance

Monday September 12th

Tuesday September 13th

  • Bus Evacuation Training
  • School Council Meeting 7:00 PM – All Welcome – Elections

Wednesday September 14th

  • Bus Evacuation Training

Thursday September 15th

Friday September 16th

  • Terry Fox/Colour House Run at 1:30 PM.


We are looking forward to a fantastic second week and a fabulous school year.