September 19th

Bus Loop

Thank you to all the drivers who help keep our students safe.  A reminder to parents, to please only drop students off in the bus loop.  Please make sure you enter the bus loop through the entrance and exit through the other end so we do not have cars turning around in the loop.  When you are in the bus loop please wait for the cars and buses in front of you to leave.  Please do not pass other drivers.  It is also safer if students exit the car on the right side of the vehicle. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

 Safety Week Sept 23rd to 30th

The York Region District School Board is committed to providing safe learning environments for all students.

September 23rd to 30th, 2016, is YRDSB Safety Week.  All public elementary and secondary schools across the region will be participating in activities and events around safety at school and in the community.  Activities at Parkview will include group and classroom discussions on such topics as fire safety, traffic safety, bullying prevention, and internet safety.  In addition, all school staff and students will participate in a Fire Safety drill, Lockdown drill and a Hold and Secure drill.

Lockdown is the most serious level of response, calling for specific actions to be taken immediately.

The ‘Lockdown’ response would be called in the event of an armed intruder entering the school or a similar event of this seriousness.  The ‘Lockdown’ alert calls for all students and staff to be secured in a locked classroom, gym or other secure area, to sit on the floor, away from doors and windows, and to await further instructions from the administration or police.

Terry Fox/Colour House Run was a fantastic success.  Students were bustling with excitement and the weather was perfect. Thanks to Mr. Hewson, Mr. Trivelli, Mr. McCammon and Mr. Suleiman for organizing the event.

Parent and Students!  Hot Lunch Is Back!

As part of Parkview’s tradition, your School Council has been offering a hot lunch as a fundraiser to benefit many important school programs. Thanks to our School Council and our Head Secretary, our hot lunch program is ready to start. We will be offering pizza – cheese and pepperoni – as part of a package of 5 lunches, every Friday for Term 1, September 23 to October 21, 2016.

All profits from the pizza sale will go directly to benefit school enhancements such as additional technology, the musical instrument repair program, guest speakers and presentations, etc,.  Please support this worthwhile cause by joining us for Pizza Fridays!

PRE ORDER ONLY | No Cash will be accepted

Term 1 Lunch packages:

  • 1 slice of pizza ($2 per lunch = $10 for the term)
  • 2 slices of pizza ($4 per lunch = $20 for the term).

On Pizza Fridays, students will receive their choice of cheese or pepperoni pizza in their classroom;

  • if there is no school on a Friday, pizza lunch will be held on Thursday
  • Children who are on school field trips will have their pizza held in refrigeration for their return
  • No refunds for students who are absent on a Pizza Friday.

How to Order:

If you have not already registered your child for School Cash Online, click on the School Cash Online button on our school’s website, click on ‘Get Started Today’ and use your child’s student ID # to set up an account.  It’s quick, easy and secure.

All orders must be placed with School Cash Online by September 20, 2016, so we can plan ahead for this important school fundraiser.  Please register soon and purchase your package to avoid disappointment!

This year, payment for the pizza hot lunch package can only be taken through the website School Cash Online

Give your child a delicious hot cheese or pepperoni pizza lunch, save yourself packing a lunch on Fridays for the whole term, and support Parkview’s important programs by purchasing a pizza hot lunch package!

We will provide more information about the hot lunch package for the remainder of the year in October. Your Parkview School Council greatly appreciates your support!

Thank you

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Note: On Monday September 26th there will be no classes. Staff will be taking part in their annual health and safety training.