Week of NOVEMBER 20/16

Bully Awareness and Prevention Week – November 20 – 26th

The Government of Ontario has designated the third week of November as Bully Awareness and Prevention Week. During the week of November 20-26, teachers and parents are encouraged to specifically and intentionally address issues around bullying and the impact that it has on the academic and socioemotional well-being of children and, indeed, on school climate. In 2014, the Board launched its cyber-bullying initiative with the development of resources to support school-wide cyberbullying initiatives. Additional resources have continued to be added focusing on safe on-line behaviour, including sexting and legal implications. Resources for parents are available on the Caring and Safe Environment site.


Invest in Education  Nov 14-30.

Parkview P.S. continues to be committed to providing students with a strong and well-rounded education. With this in mind, the School Council also endeavours to raise funds to provide a wide variety of educational experiences and tools for our children.

The Invest in Education program allows parents in donate funds directly to one of the three foci in Parkview’s improvement plan.  These foci come from the Board Improvement Plan. Please see the attachment below for further details and the donation form.  Your support of the students and programs at Parkview are greatly appreciated.


Bag2School collection is this week!!

Bring your textiles, clothes, linens, towels, etc to the school this week between Nov 21-Nov 25 by 9am. This program helps to give new purpose to items we aren’t using while raising funds for Parkview. Thanks for your support!



In the event of a Coyote Sighting:

The yard will check the at recess and lunch.  If a coyote is outside, before recess starts, then students will stay in until the coyote has left.  If the students are outside when a coyote appears, contact the office and have the school bell ring so that students can come in.  

Please tell your children not to approach or harass wild animals and the following strategies in dealing with coyotes to if they happen to encounter one:

If you encounter a coyote:

  • Never feed a coyote.
  • Do not turn your back on, or run from, a coyote.
  • Back away from the coyote while remaining calm.
  • Use whistles and personal alarm devices to frighten an approaching or threatening animal

The Week Ahead

Monday November 21st

  • Intermediate Boys Volleyball Tournament (UHS)

Tuesday November 22nd

  • Intermediate Girls Volleyball Tournament (Markville SS)

Wednesday November 23rd

  • Walk to School Wednesday
  • Photo Retakes
  • Grade 1 to 6 Karate – Lunch Recess
  • Progress Reports go home

Thursday November 24th

  • Interviews

Friday November 25th PA Day – No School

  • Interviews