Parkview Happenings…

We would like to welcome back all of our Parkview Panthers to school on Monday, January 8th @ 8:30am. We hope all of our Panthers enjoyed a safe, restful holiday and enjoyed time together with family and friends. We are eager to continue our learning journey with all of our students as we begin 2018.

Attention grade 7 families: The Parent Information Session about the overnight trip to Lake St. George will be held this Thursdsay, January 11 @ 6:00pm in the Learning Commons.

As a reminder to all of our families of our Inclement Weather days, please see the information below:

  • parents/guardians can obtain information about bus and/or school cancellations, via local media outlets, the Board’s website and twitter account, the Student Transportation Services website, and on the Board and School voicemail recording;
  • parents/guardians are asked to use their best judgement to decide whether to send their child(ren) to school on inclement weather days when buses are cancelled but schools remain open;
  • parents/guardians must be aware of the Extreme Hot and Cold Weather and UV Protection Guidelines and ensure that their child(ren) are prepared for the weather conditions;
  • parents/guardians must follow the school’s safe arrive procedure (outlined below) and safe departures protocol, including no parking in the bus loop; it can be used as a kiss-and-ride pick up children from their assigned exit doors
  • parents/guardians are asked to recognize that on inclement weather days, special events / field trips / assemblies will be cancelled;
  • parents/guardians must make arrangements to have their child(ren) picked up at the end of the school day (@ 3:00pm), if they transport their child to school on days when school busses are cancelled, please notify the office if your child with be picked up by someone other than the designate parent / guardian

A reminder to our families that our school operates a safe arrival program that requires that we check the whereabouts of all students who are absent each day. It is important that parents/guardians let us know if their child is going to be absent or late. We have a 24 hour absence reporting line. When you call in (905) 477-2172 option #1, please clearly state your child’s name and teacher.

All visitors entering the building must use the front door and buzz the office. The doors will be opened by office staff only and should not be opened by parents/guardians or caregivers who are waiting in the front foyer for their children.

We would like to remind all of our families that our goal is to work together to support the well-being of all our students. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working in partnership with our Parkview Community.

  • Friday – Parkview Spirit Day: wear Panther colours (red, black, white, gray)

Our next School Council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 23th @ 7:00pm.

Please visit our School Website for all up-to-date school information.