Parkview Happenings

PA Day – Monday, October 21st  This is just a friendly reminder that there is no school tomorrow for students.  See you back at school on Tuesday!

Halloween – Our school board is guided by the Human Rights and the Ontario Human Rights Code which recognizes the importance of equity, inclusion and human rights. Costumes, as always, are NOT mandatory and there should be no pressure to purchase a costume.

  • Students may choose to: Make a costume which promotes creativity and imagination; Wear the Spirit Day colours (orange and black); Wear their Parkview colour house bracelet.
  • No Replica Weapons –Costume accessories including, but not limited to, toy guns, knives, axes, swords, etc. are not in compliance with York Region District School Board’s Safe Schools Policy #668.0. Please DO NOT send these accessories to school with your child. Please do not send masks or food/treats to school, to support student safety.

A few notes for Kindergarten dismissal. When picking up your Kindergarten child(ren), please be sure to stand away from the door. This will help to speed up a safe 1-1 dismissal process. When the door is crowded the children cannot see everyone to identify their parents/guardian. Also, if your child needs to reenter the classroom (e.g. they forgot their water bottle) or you would like to have a brief chat with the educator, please wait until all of your child’s peers have been dismissed.

Please join us for our first School Council Fundraiser. It will take place at Chapters, 3175 Highway 7 on October 25th from 6-9pm. 20% of the total proceeds will go back to our Parkview students for learning materials! Come out & meet Parkview families!

Parkview’s Annual Bag2School Used Clothing Collection Fundraiser will occur the week of November 11th.  Stay tuned for more details, however, it is never too early to start collecting used clothing around the house now.

Safety Reminder: All students requiring EpiPens must carry one on them at all times. To order a free waist pack, visit:  Also, if students are late (past 8:30am or 1:20pm), they must come to the office, and to support safety, a staff member will walk your child to their classroom. We respectfully ask that parents not walk their children to their classroom as we are happy to support with this.  Lastly, please do not drop students off before 8:15am as there is no supervision.  If your child(ren) walk, please remind them not to arrive to school before 8:15am.

Fall YRDSB School Council Forum (East Schools): Monday, November 11, – Markham District High School – 89 Church St, Markham  5:30pm – 8:30pm

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