Updates January 18-22, 2021

Continuation of Remote Learning

Remote learning will continue until February 10th, 2021. As a school team we are committed to supporting our students, please email the school at parkview.ps@yrdsb.ca or your child’s teacher if you have questions or require support. Thank you to our outstanding educators and students for all their hard work and flexibility. Thank you to our Parkview  families for your ongoing support and understanding. Stay safe and we look forward to seeing our panthers soon. 

Postponement of Model Change Request

The YRDSB will be sending an email to all families inviting them to request a model change. Those that are currently enrolled in Face-to-Face learning can request Virtual Learning, and those currently enrolled in Virtual Learning can request Face-to-Face learning. Due to the extension of the Provincial lockdown, the release of this survey will be postponed. We will keep you updated on when the survey will be open to families.

Support With Technology

If you can’t find the information you need, and require support with your Board issued device or account, please complete the Student Tech Help Form.​

Equity & Inclusion 

At Parkview, we are deeply committed  to equity and inclusive education. It is important that as a community we continue to  support our children with navigating  through events that they  see, hear, or feel especially when events are traumatic in a safe and inclusive manner. It is through our shared commitment to equity that we will be able to make the world a better place.

Families, these tips to speak with children may be helpful. http://ow.ly/dDAD30rrzMr.

Here are some resources for families if you are looking for ways to speak about race:


The Arts @ Baythorn

The Arts@Baythorn information session has been posted here for interested families of students in grades 4 or 5. The links to the application form will close on February 5th at 4:00pm. For any questions or inquiries, we encourage our families to reach out to Baythorn PS for support. As always, you are welcome to reach out to our office as well.

Grade 1 French Immersion Information Sessions and Registrations


FI registration  began  on January 15, 2021. Parents or guardians of Senior Kindergarten students entering Grade 1 in 2021, and wishing to enrol in the FI Program, can email parkview.ps@yrdsb.ca  indicate their intention to enrol.  The home school will notify the French Immersion school, and the French Immersion school will contact you by phone or email to collect any necessary information.  You are asked to register by February 5, 2021.  Registration during this period is not first come, first served.

The pre recorded information night and additional information is available on the Board’s  website

School Council

Thank you to all our parents/guardians who joined us for our council meeting last week. Our next meeting is scheduled for March 1, 2021  at 7:00 p.m.  All are welcome to attend. Should you need to reach out to the Parkview P.S. School Council, please email  parkview.ps@sc.yrdsb.ca

March Break Reimbursement Fund through Autism Ontario

The 2021 March Break Reimbursement Fund is available to Ontario families of children or youth with ASD who retain the services of a one-to-one support worker OR who have paid for their child to attend a 2021 March Break camp or program, but not both.

If you have a child with Autism under 18years old, you can apply for the funding and they will select recipients at random.. Funding can be used towards virtual March Break programs or other services during March Break. Please use the link below to apply. 


Financial support for Parents/Guardians-Extension to Deadline

The government is providing financial support to help parents and guardians with additional costs during the 2020-2021 school year during the second wave of COVID-19. 

Eligible parents or guardians will receive a one-time payment of:

  • $200 for each child up to age 12
  • $250 for each child or youth up to age 21 years with special needs

As of today, eligible parents or guardians can go to Ontario.ca/SupportforLearners for more information and to apply for the one-time financial support. The deadline to apply is now February 8,  2021.

Night School e-learning registration is open for winter 2021!

Courses are free for Ontario residents with Canadian Status.

Visit our website for details: http://ow.ly/qsHQ30rrGnR

Tamil Heritage Month

Tamil Heritage Month is an opportunity to celebrate the resistance and resilience of the

Tamil Diaspora as a collective. Tamil Heritage Month is a time for self-identified Tamil

Heritage students to partake in a series of workshops and events to better understand

themselves and their identities.

Linked you will find workshops that Tamil Heritage students can engage in this month

Upcoming Faith Days

January 17, Baizhang Memorial-  Buddhism

Anniversary of the death of Master Baizhang (jp.Hyakujo) known for establishing the first Zen Monastic Code. (Mahāyāna – Linji/Rinzai Zen) (China, Japan, North America)

January 17, World Religion Day-  Bahá’í Faith

An annual celebration (third Sunday in January) of the teachings of unity found in all religions.

January 18, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity-  Christianity

An international Christian ecumenical observance kept annually between January 18 – 25. It is actually an octave, that is, an observance lasting eight days. See: https://www.oikoumene.org/en/resources/week-of-prayer

January 18, Hakuin Ekaku Memorial- Buddhism

Anniversary of the death of Hakuin Ekaku, reformer of Japanese Rinzai Zen. (Mahāyāna – Linji/Rinzai Zen)(Japan, North America)

January 18, Sultán- Bahá’í Faith

Sultán (Sovereignty) is the 17th month of the Bahá’í­ year.

January 19, Eihei Bogen Kigen – Bahá’í Faith

Eihei Dogen Kigen Birth date

Anniversary of the birth of Eihei Dogen Kigen, founder of the Soto Zen school in Japan. (Mahāyāna- Soto Zen) (Japan, North America)

January 19, Theophany-  Eastern/Old/Orthodox Christianity

The Feast of Theophany commemorates the appearance of the divine Trinity at Jesus’ baptism: the Son hears the Father’s voice and sees the Holy Spirit coming to him (see Mathew 3:16-17).