February 22nd-26th, 2021

Welcome Back

It was a wonderful first week for students and staff. The halls are a buzz of excitement as we reunite after our extended time apart.  

A reminder that students must complete the  York Region Public Health school and child-care screening tool prior to coming to school each morning. Staff will be required to confirm that the screening is completed prior to entering the school.  Keeping Parkview safe is a shared responsibility between home and school, parents/guardians MUST complete the screening daily for their child, this is the way to ensure everyone’s safety at Parkview.  

Health and Safety Measures

· Three Layers Masks are to be worn at Parkview by students in Grades 1-8 and are strongly encouraged to be worn by our kindergarten students

·  Masks are now required outdoors, during recess as well as common areas, in addition to  in-class

· Because masks are worn all day and outside, please provide your child with extra mask to replace soiled or moist masks

· Students are discouraged from congregating before and after school.

· Families dropping off and picking up their children at school are reminded to wear masks and not congregate while on school property. 

· Please continue to reinforce hand hygiene practices

· It is important that you take time to review our school Parent Handbook that will be emailed out families this weekend

Inclement Weather

Families are reminded that, in the event an inclement weather day is declared, schools will be closed to in-person learning and learning will take place remotely. Virtual School students are not affected by inclement weather days. 

 We are all looking forward to seeing students in-person. It is our commitment to continue to prioritize safety and well-being for all students and staff. 

Social Media Communication

The York Region District School Board recognizes the value that technology can bring to support student achievement and well-being while enhancing communication with families and the community at large.      At Parkview Public School, we recognize that learning can be enhanced by technology and we have created opportunities to leverage digital tools that support teaching, learning and communication. Using technology and social media also gives educators and families an opportunity to teach students about the appropriate and responsible use of these tools.   It has come to our attention that specific social media accounts have been created and continue to operate about our school community under our school name. These accounts are not owned or administered by Parkview Public School staff, nor is the messaging of these accounts reflective of our values here at Parkview Public School.      

All communication from the school comes via:   

 School Website http://www.yrdsb.ca/schools/parkview.ps/Pages/default.aspx   

Twitter Account @ParkviewPS1   

School Blog https://parkviewpulse.org

  Electronic Communication via email    

Parents are encouraged to ensure that they are receiving communication that comes directly from Parkview Public School. As a school, we ensure that all communication is respectful and inclusive of all members of the entire Parkview PS community. Should you have questions about the school or any of our initiatives, activities or communications, we encourage you to speak with the school administration. Thank you for working with us to support responsible and respectful digital citizenship.                       

March Break 

The Minister of Education announced that they are postponing the March Break to April 12-16

Covid-19 Resources for Students and Families

COVID-19 has presented unprecedented issues and concerns for our community, our country and the world. As we focus on keeping ourselves healthy and containing the spread of COVID-19, we must also keep ourselves mentally well.

Please visit our board website  for resources and tips that may be beneficial for you and your loved ones.  

Black Excellence

Celebration of Black History/African Heritage Month has been a part of Canadian society since the 1950’s. Lieutenant Governor Hal Jackman declared February as Black History month in Ontario in 1993, and it was in 1995 that the Honorable Jean Augustine made the same declaration in the House of Commons in Ottawa. These declarations set the stage for acknowledgement of the contributions of peoples of African Heritage to the cultural, economic, political and social fabric of Canada dating back to the early 1600’s. They also increased our awareness that people of African Heritage are an integral part of Canadian history. During the month of February we deliberately reflect upon the legacy of African history in all its various forms, and we join all Canadians in celebrating Black History/African Heritage month. By contemplating on persons of African heritage, famous and not so famous, who have been of significant influence through their ideas, words and actions, we appreciate the place of African history in the history of the world.

YRDSB Presents Black Excellence: Then and Now

YRDSB Presents Black Excellence: Stories from Our Youth  

Indigo Fundraiser

Upcoming Faith Days

For faith observances in February, please see the YRDSB Multifaith Calendar .