March 1st-5th, 2021

New Screening Guidance

York Region Public Health released its new screening guide. All students are required to complete the screening guide daily before coming to school. Keeping Parkview safe is a shared responsibility, it is important that parents/guardians and caregivers screen their children prior to sending them to school. Please ensure that your family contact information is up to date. 

Staff members and students must provide confirmation of completing the tool prior to entry. The tool for secondary students is available on the Board’s website

COVID-19 Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Testing

In partnership with York Region Health and Ontario Health, two recurring testing sites have been set up at the unoccupied sites of George Street Public School in Aurora and George Bailey Public School in Maple. Please see this message from York Region Public Health for additional details. 

Preparing for Potential School Staff Shortages During In-Person Learning

We continue to work with York Region Public Health to ensure our schools are safe for students and staff. In doing so, there are occasions, where students and staff members are required to self-isolate. These measures require the board to rely on ensuring adequate student supervision for safety. In previous years, where no occasional teacher or other staff member was available, schools combined classes for short periods of time. During the global pandemic, student contacts must be minimized and classes cannot be combined. As such, we may face specific situations where schools are required to close to in-person learning due to self-isolation requirements, even if COVID-19 case counts do not appear significant. We will continue to take all necessary planning and precautions to keep schools open, but may also need to make difficult decisions to close to ensure safety. 

In the event of a school closure to in-person learning, all learning will move to virtual according to provincial requirements for live (synchronous) learning

GAPPS Profile Images

With the move to online learning, many students have been choosing to add profile images in their Google Applications for Education (GAPPS) accounts. This is the image that appears along with the student’s name in Google Classroom, Google Meet, etc. 

It has come to the Board’s attention that some individuals are using inappropriate profile images, including images that are racist and discriminatory. We do not tolerate any form of hate or discrimination. These images cause pain and harm and can make other students and staff members feel unsafe, marginalized, and unwelcome in our learning environments. Appropriate actions are being taken to address this issue when inappropriate profile images have been used. 

Through the Board’s ongoing commitment to dismantling racism and creating welcoming and inclusive learning environments, all GAPPS profile images will be temporarily removed on Friday, February 26, 2021. All students’ images will appear as an icon showing the first letter of their name. In the coming weeks, all staff and students will engage in learning in support of our collective responsibility to dismantle hate and racism online. After the learning is completed, your child will regain access to uploading profile images to their YRDSB Google account.

Dear Families of Elementary Students,

Families who previously completed the model change survey requesting a change will receive information about their new classroom and teacher by Tuesday, March 2. For our returning panthers we would like the parent handbook to be reviewed in order to support the transition back to F2F learning. 

For students moving from F2F into EVS, you will receive information from your new EVS teacher or administrator.  A reminder, all changes will take effect on Wednesday, March 3. We thank you for your patience and support

Inclement Weather

Families are reminded that, in the event an inclement weather day is declared, schools will be closed to in-person learning and learning will take place remotely. Virtual School students are not affected by inclement weather days. 

We are all looking forward to seeing students in-person. It is our commitment to continue to prioritize safety and well-being for all students and staff. 

Social Media Communication

The York Region District School Board recognizes the value that technology can bring to support student achievement and well-being while enhancing communication with families and the community at large. At Parkview Public School, we recognize that learning can be enhanced by technology and we have created opportunities to leverage digital tools that support teaching, learning and communication. Using technology and social media also gives educators and families an opportunity to teach students about the appropriate and responsible use of these tools.   It has come to our attention that specific social media accounts have been created and continue to operate about our school community under our school name. These accounts are not owned or administered by Parkview Public School staff, nor is the messaging of these accounts reflective of our values here at Parkview Public School.      

All communication from the school comes via:   

 School Website  

Twitter Account @ParkviewPS1   

School Blog https

Electronic Communication via email    

Parents are encouraged to ensure that they are receiving communication that comes directly from Parkview Public School. As a school, we ensure that all communication is respectful and inclusive of all members of the entire Parkview PS community. Should you have questions about the school or any of our initiatives, activities or communications, we encourage you to speak with the school administration. Thank you for working with us to support responsible and respectful digital citizenship.             

Indigo Fundraiser

Please support our fundraiser! Thank you to our School Council for arranging this opportunity for our school! 

Upcoming Faith Days

For faith observances in March, please see the YRDSB Multifaith Calendar .