April 6th-9th

On behalf of our entire Parkview team, we would like to thank you for your cooperation, flexibility, patience and understanding as we navigate through the complexities of this continued pandemic.  Our students are doing a tremendous job in remembering to distance, mask and practice good hand hygiene. 

 A reminder that  all students are required to complete the screening guide daily before coming to school. Keeping Parkview safe is a shared responsibility, it is important that parents/guardians and caregivers screen their children prior to sending them to school. Please ensure that your family contact information is up to date. 

We would like to thank  our Panther family for your continued support in keeping Parkview safe.  A reminder that parents and caregivers  who are dropping off their child must wear a mask and are kindly asked to not remain on board property once their child is in the care of an educator in order to avoid crowding/congestion. Pets are not allowed on school property.

Below you will find a few reminders from York Region Public Health.

Upcoming School Holidays

Monday April 5th, 2021

World Autism Acceptance Campaign April 6th

This year the York Region District School Board (YRDSB) is officially launching a month-long World Autism Acceptance campaign alongside our community partners from our Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Autism Ontario on April 6th. The purpose of Autism Ontario’s Raise the Flag campaign is to bring attention to the triumphs, contributions and experiences of people on the Autism Spectrum. By raising acceptance we can build stronger and more inclusive communities and learning environments for students who have ASD. 

The New Look of the YRDSB Webpage

Visit our new Board website YRDSB has refreshed its Board website to make it easier for families to find the important information they are looking for at www.yrdsb.ca

The new website has been designed to be mobile friendly, translatable, accessible, searchable, easy to navigate and to better reflect York Region District School Board and our community. This includes:  

  • Built-in translation tool  
  • Enhanced search capabilities  
  • Built-in accessibility features to meet accessibility legislation  
  • Revised navigation based on user testing, website analytics and research
  • Quick access to six of our most accessed pages, including school calendars and school transportation information 

The new website also includes:  

  • A Family Resources that provides quick access to online tools like Edsby, Google Classroom and School Cash Online, as well as links to information about translation tools, IT support for families and more. Use the “need help” button to access tips and support in using these tools.  
  • Updated Online Student Tools pages provide quick access to students to online learning platforms and resources to help with homework. Use the “need help” button to access tips and support in using these tools. 
  •  An enhanced newsroom with access to the latest news, events and videos so you can find out what’s happening around our Board.  
  • Easy access to information about supports for students, elementary school and secondary school programs, adult learning opportunities and more. 

Information about COVID-19 and schools, including update information, screening tools and frequently asked questions can still be found at www.yrdsb.ca/school-reopening.

We hope that the website makes it easier for families to find and access the information you are looking for. When you visit the new website, please take the time to share your feedback, so we can continue to ensure our website meets the needs of the community we serve.

YRDSB Mental Health Newsletter

This month the newsletter discusses the power of social connection and a listening ear.  Check out the monthly newsletter here.

Preparing for Potential School Staff Shortages During In-Person Learning

We continue to work with York Region Public Health to ensure our schools are safe for students and staff. In doing so, there are occasions, where students and staff members are required to self-isolate. These measures require the board to rely on ensuring adequate student supervision for safety. In previous years, where no occasional teacher or other staff member was available, schools combined classes for short periods of time. During the global pandemic, student contacts must be minimized and classes cannot be combined. As such, we may face specific situations where schools are required to close to in-person learning due to self-isolation requirements, even if COVID-19 case counts do not appear significant. We will continue to take all necessary planning and precautions to keep schools open, but may also need to make difficult decisions to close to ensure safety. 

Food Vouchers

If you are interested or in need of food vouchers please contact the office at Parkview.ps@yrdsb.ca or call the main office 905.477.2172

Indigo Fundraiser

Please support our fundraiser!  When you purchase a gift card using this link, 20 % goes directly  towards our fundraising goal.  If you then use the gift card to purchase Indigo products, an additional 3% will be added to our fundraising goal.  Indigo not only sells books but a variety of electronics, homegoods and even apparel.  Check it out. 

Are you looking for some games to play at home as a family? Here are some games that our Panthers have enjoyed in over the years during our board game club run by Ms. Anand and Parkview staff:

  1. Hedbanz
  2. Pictionary
  3. Life
  4. Catan Junior
  5. Scrabble
  6. Guess Who
  7. Operation
  8. Let’s Go Fishing
  9. Hungry Hippos
  10. Qwirkle
  11. Connect Four
  12. Chess
  13. Sushi Go
  14. UNO
  15. Trouble

 Thank you to our School Council for arranging this opportunity for our school!

Save the Date for the following Parkview Events in April!

RSVP to the TVO Presentation 

‘Nurturing Your Child’s Emotional Well Being’ Workshop for Parkview Families- April 22, 2021

Thank you to our School Council for completing and submitting our PROGrant Application. The workshop that we will be hosting for families will take place on April 22, 2021 from 5:30-6:30pm. The session will focus on ‘Nurturing Your Child’s  Emotional Well Being.’ All families who are interested in attending should RSVP here

Upcoming Community Events and Supports

Black Foundation of Community  Network Presents

The Friday Focus parent workshop for Black parents called Foundations Of Financial Literacy.  It is presented by Mutiat Bello, of MBRE, and featuring Ivor Christopher.  More information can be found here

Communication Strategies and Healthy Boundaries 

Parent Engagement Event:Participants can choose to attend the sessions in Mandarin, Cantonese or English. The sessions are provided by Hong Fook and Family Services for York Region.  Registration can be found here.

Upcoming Faith Days

For faith observances in April, please see the YRDSB Multifaith Calendar located on the new revised YRDSB School Calendar page.