January 17 – 21

School will return to in-person learning on January 17.  All students from JK to Grade 8 will be required to wear a face while at school.  The  Public Health Agency of Canada recommends Canadians wear three-layer masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

  • All students JK to Grade 8 will be required to wear a mask at school. 
  • Parents/guardians/caregivers will also be required to wear a face mask on school property. 
  •  If you are in need of 3 layer cloth masks for your child, masks are available.  Requests can be made by contacting the office or your child’s teacher.  If you would like more information around masks you can visit https://masks4canada.org/ which provides general tips for families on mask filter, fit, and function.  

Face-to-face  students will be required to complete the Covid Screening prior to coming to school.  After completing the School and Child-Care Screening Tool.  The Ministry of Education is requiring that students provide confirmation of COVID-19 screening similar to the start of the year.  Students and families will be required to complete the confirmation of screening before coming to school each morning.   Anyone who is sick or has any symptoms of illness, including those not listed in this screening tool, MUST stay home and seek assessment from a health care provider if needed. Consult a health care provider if you have medical questions. If your child is displaying symptoms at school they will be sent home, parents must have a plan in place to pick up their child. Please ensure the office has updated contact information.  Please follow the isolation rules outlined by Public Health.  It is a shared effort between home and school to keep our building safe and it is important that families complete the daily provincial screening and confirmation. 

We have created QR codes for both websites for ease of access.

Symptomatic Individuals

Anyone who is sick or has any symptoms of illness, including those not listed on the chart below, should stay home and seek assessment from their health care provider if needed.

If an individual is symptomatic with one or more major symptoms, or two or more other symptoms in the Table, they are presumed to have Covid 19 and must isolate regardless of vaccination status. Household members must isolate as well.

Self-Isolation Requirements if Symptomatic or Confirmed Case

*Individuals with a positive RAT can return to school once symptoms have resolved and self-isolation is complete

PCR/Rapid Antigen Tests

PCR testing at publicly funded assessment centres and community labs and pharmacies has been restricted to highest priority settings.  Current testing options for students include: 

  • Take home PCR self collection kits 
  • Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT)

We have a very limited number of PCR tests that will be sent home with students who become symptomatic while at school (pending on availability).

If available, tests can be used to end self-isolation for symptomatic individuals.

1 negative PCR test or 2 negative RATs taken 24 hours apart and symptoms have been improving for 24 hours (48 for GI symptoms). Isolation guidelines must be followed that are outlined in the chart above. 

For more information on what to do if you have been exposed to COVID 19 please visit https://covid-19.ontario.ca/exposed

If your child is away from school due to illness, they will be required to submit a Return to School Attestation Form to the office in order to return to class. 

Possibility of Pivoting to virtual Learning

As staff members are required to isolate with increased cases of COVID-19, schools may encounter challenges obtaining replacement coverage. Please be aware that there may be occasions when classrooms or schools are required to close to in-person learning and move to virtual learning for a period of time.  Families will be notified the day before through email and again in the morning, if a school or classroom closure needs to occur.  Families are asked to develop a routine of checking email regularly at the start and end of every day for important communication from the school and Board given our circumstances.


If your child will be going home for lunch, you must email the school in order to complete our lunch time agreement. 

Learning Model Change Requests

We recognize that some families may wish to switch between remote/online learning and in-person learning.  Families  must  contact the school at  parkview.ps@yrdsb.ca to request a switch. If you are switching from Face to Face Learning to Online Learning the next opportunity to return back to face to face learning will be after Family Day. Please note that transportation provision for those eligible may take longer to coordinate if returning to in-person learning. Additional information can be found in frequently asked questions on the Board website.

Short-Term Learning Model Change Requests

We recognize students may need to move to virtual learning for isolation reasons for a short term.  Families must inform the office  if online learning is needed for shorter term isolation reasons ( e.g., five days).

Handwashing Video

Please review this handwashing video with your children


Return of Technology

If your child borrowed technology from their classroom for remote learning, please have them return it to school on January 17.  The Chromebook that you received is from your child’s class and is needed to continue student learning in class.  If your child is remaining online you may keep the Chromebook until your child returns to face-to-face learning.

Inclement Weather

When an inclement weather day is declared, all elementary and secondary schools will be closed to students.  Please have alternate childcare arrangements planned for inclement weather days. All student learning will be remote and asynchronous. School closures will be announced by 6:00 a.m. and information will be communicated through:

Winter Clothing

Please ensure that your child/children are coming to school dressed appropriately for the weather (hats, mitts/gloves, boots, winter coats, snow pants, etc.,).  They should also have a pair of indoor shoes and a change of clothes, including extra socks. Please remember to label all items. Windows will also remain OPEN at Parkview, therefore it is important that your child dresses in layers. 


If you are planning on moving or if your child will be attending a French Immersion program for the upcoming school year 2022-2023, please inform the office at parkview.ps@yrdsb.ca in order to support us with our planning. 

Grade 1 French Immersion Information Sessions and Registrations 

This year’s information session for Grade 1 entry into the French Immersion (FI) program will take place virtually.  Families of SK students will receive an email from the school with important information about registration and access to a pre-recorded information session.  

FI registration will begin on January 14, 2022. Parents or guardians of Senior Kindergarten students entering Grade 1 in 2022, and wishing to enrol in the FI Program, can email the school office and indicate their intention to enrol.  The school will notify the French Immersion school, and the French Immersion school will contact you by phone or email to collect any necessary information.  You are asked to register by February 4, 2022.  

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration for the 2022-23 school year begins on January 14. Learn more about how to register your little one: https://www2.yrdsb.ca/schools-programs/elementary-school/kindergarten/kindergarten-registration

Terry Fox Run Results

This year, Parkview Public School came together to raise an incredible $745.00 for cancer research for our Terry Fox School Run. The Terry Fox Foundation is so grateful for our commitment and dedication. It is wonderful to see that Terry continues to inspire millions of students across the country. If you have not donated and would still like to contribute, our school donation link is still open at http://www.terryfox.ca/ParkviewPSUnionville #TryLikeTerry

Tamil Heritage Month

January as Tamil Heritage Month in Canada.  Tamil Heritage Month aims to celebrate the richness of the Tamil language and its literature and highlight Tamil Canadians’ vibrant traditions, histories, arts, and cultures.  In addition, it seeks to recognize the significant contributions of Tamil Canadians in key areas of social, cultural, economic, and political spheres.  This year’s focus is Tamil Women’s Excellence.

According to the Tamil calendar, January 14, 2022, begins the month of “Thai.” On this day, Tamils celebrate Thai Pongal, the Tamil harvest festival.  Thai Pongal is the most important and widely -celebrated festival amongst Tamils around the globe.  Thai Pongal is a time to give thanks for the previous year’s blessings and a time to look forward to the New Year.

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Student Mental Health and Addiction Newsletter

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Community Events, News and Supports

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This year we are fundraising to support the following initiatives:

  • Technology- purchasing more iPads and Chromebooks for students 
  • Literacy- investing in diverse books and levelled books to support guided reading
  • Well Being- indoor recess activities and more outdoor recess equipment 

Since we are limited with the type of fundraising we can engage in,  we are asking that families consider making a donation through School Cash Online.  The donations collected will go directly to supporting our students this year. Donations of $20 or more are fully tax-deductible and receipts will be provided through School Cash Online.  

All amounts are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your ongoing support! 

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Upcoming School Holidays/PA Days

February 4, 2022 -PA Day

February 21, 2022 – Family Day

Upcoming Faith Days

For faith observances this month, please see the YRDSB Multifaith Calendar located on the new revised YRDSB School Calendar page.

School Communication

All communication from the school comes via:

We would like to remind all of our families that our goal is to work together to support the well-being of all our students. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to working in partnership with our Parkview Community.

Please visit our School Website for all up-to-date school information.