January 16th – January 20th

Sunday, January 15th, 2023

Winter Clothing:  With the snow and colder temperatures returning, we remind families to ensure students are coming to school dressed appropriately for the weather.  Indoor shoes, a change of clothes and extra socks are also recommended.  Remember to label all clothing sent to school with your child.

Lunch Supervision:  If you are interested in supporting with Lunch Supervision please email the school at parkview.ps@yrdsb.ca for more information. This is a paid position.

PA Day:  Just a reminder that January 20th is a PA Day, there is no school for students.

A Message From School Council:  Thank you to all our families who attended our last council meeting.  We are currently working with administration and staff to begin planning our end of year fair for our school community. If you would be interested in volunteering to support with planning please email our school council chairs at: parkview.ps@sc.yrdsb.ca

Bus Loop & Parking: When dropping your child to school, please drive SLOWLY. Do NOT overpass cars/buses in the bus loop. Please pull up to the front and remain patient. Do NOT park in the staff parking lot. It is important that all families follow the rules in order to ensure student safety. Thank you for your support.  Please review the map below in order to park on designated city streets:

Tamil Heritage Month:  On October 5, 2016, Motion M-24 was passed in the Federal Parliament, officially proclaiming January as Tamil Heritage Month in Canada.  Tamil Heritage Month aims to celebrate the richness of the Tamil language and its literature and highlight Tamil Canadians’ vibrant traditions, histories, arts, and cultures.  In addition, it seeks to recognize the significant contributions of Tamil Canadians in key areas of social, cultural, economic, and political spheres.  This year’s focus is Tamils’ contribution towards Economic growth – Past, Present, future. Also, of significance was January 14, 2023.  According to the Tamil calendar, January 14, 2023, begins the month of “Thai.”  On this day, people of Tamil heritage celebrate Thai Pongal, the Tamil harvest festival.  Thai Pongal is the most important and widely-celebrated festival amongst Tamils around the globe.  Thai Pongal is a time to give thanks for the previous year’s blessings and a time to look forward to the New Year.  Tamil Heritage Month Poster

Lunar New Year:  Lunar New Year is a significant and meaningful cultural celebration for many people of East and Southeast Asian heritage including Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and Indonesian communities, to name a few.  It is celebrated across the Asia-Pacific and diaspora communities around the world.  This holiday commemorates the first day of the Lunar Calendar.  The date is determined by the appearance of the moon and usually takes place between late January to early February.  For some, this occasion has religious significance as well. Lunar New Year is celebrated where families come together, enjoy traditional foods and activities.  

Many countries also have their own unique ways of celebrating the event. These could include families coming together to spend time with one another, sharing of traditional meals, and engaging in traditional activities such as cleaning the house and performing ceremonial rituals to elders and ancestors. For example, in many Chinese communities, customs may include: cleaning houses, paying off debts, settling old arguments, and other means of making a “fresh start.” In the Korean community, the ceremonial ritual of seh-bae (deep bow) is performed to the elders and ancestors. Families share the traditional meal of rice cake and dumpling soup and play traditional games such as yut-nori. 

We wish all staff, students and community celebrating Lunar New Year a happy and joyful celebration in the company of family and friends!

Advocacy and Allyship Three Part Information Series:  YRDSB is hosting a 3 part Information series that looks at how to engage and help build shared solutions. Families will build on knowledge about discrimination, racism, bias, stereotypes and how to advocate and become an ally.  See link for more information.

Centre For Black Student Excellence Newsletter | January 2023:  Opportunities shared for supporting Black students, families and staff within the York Region District School Board, in partnership with community partners. See newsletter for further information.

SAAAC Autism Centre Presents Caregiver Orientation: New Autism Diagnosis:  In collaboration with York Region District School Board SAAAC Autism Centre Presents “Caregiver Orientation: New Autism Diagnosis”.  To be delivered in both English and Tamil.

Mindful Parenting Series: Parents, guardians, caregivers, and community members are welcome to attend virtual sessions on mindful parenting January 10th and January 17th from 10am to 11:30am.  Please view this link for more information.

NCCM Families & Community Event: Families and community members are invited to join the NCCM (National Council of Canadian Muslims) and YRDSB on January 25, 2023 for a session about legal rights and responsibilities within schools.  Please view this link for details.

The Rhapsody Film Screening:  YRDSB families, educators and students (Grade 9+) are invited to join the screening of The Rhapsody, a documentary about a Polish Canadian composer/Holocaust survivor, Leo Spellman.  More information about this event is provided here.

Three Part Series on Poverty: Parents and guardians are invited to join this 3 part series on poverty in York Region.  The following link provides more information.

Upcoming Dates: 

January 15th-18th: Pongal

January 20th: Professional Activity Day

January 22nd: Lunar New Year

January 27th: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

February 3rd: Professional Activity Day

Upcoming Faith Days:  For faith observances this month, please see the YRDSB Multifaith Calendar

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